This article originally appeared on the Gypsy Nurse.  Many Travel Nurses want to work at the same facility as a friend or a spouse.  The recruiting team at Saratoga Medical Center, Inc. have some great tips on getting an assignment with a friend or spouse:

1. Find a Great Travel Nursing Staffing Company

Take your time to find a company you trust to work with. Established companies will have more Travel Nursing opportunities for you to apply for, and it is more likely they will have numerous positions at the same facility.

2. Be Flexible

You might have to consider applying for a position located in your 2nd or 3rd favorite location to find something that is a fit for both you and your travel nurse friend.  That’s okay! There is lots of awesome opportunities out there!

3.  Be Patient

It might take a bit longer than normal to find the right position in the right location for both you and your travel nurse friend.  Be patient and be assured that it will be worth the wait for an amazing experience!

4. Consider Different Facilities in the Same City

Finally, depending on how flexible and patient you can be, you might want to consider working at different facilities in the same city. Of course, you won’t be able to share the same professional experience as your travel nurse friend or spouse, you will certainly be able to share in some great personal experiences.

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