Saratoga Medical Services

Whether you are looking for employment in the medical field or have an urgent medical staffing need, Saratoga Medical can help.

Recruiting and Credentialing

Saratoga Medical has over 30 years of experience in medical staffing. That’s why the best medical talent across the United States know about us. Customer service is our commitment so you can count on us to listen to your needs and go the extra mile to find the perfect candidate for you.

Saratoga Medical excels at recruitment and credential highly qualified medical professionals. Our superior services enable you to reduce HR expenses and focus on growing your business and serving your patients. The reason four our success: Our unique needs analysis survey creates a customized recruitment approach, tailored to deliver the best results to you.

Our database of trusted employees include many medical professionals with special requirement, for example professionals who want to work in a rural community or in destination locations. Our thorough vetting process and documentation standards helps assure that you will find a highly qualified candidate who will appreciate working for you.

Career Placement

We can help you find a medical career full of opportunity to advance and the chance to grow your skill set. Our long-standing staffing relationships with our clients mean that we have great healthcare assignments for you to choose from. From Permanent, Contract, to Temporary and Travel- we have you covered!

We work with all medical specialties, Physicians, Nurses, Behavioral Health professionals, Healthcare administrators, Technicians, Assistants and more.


For more information about recruitment and placement services at Saratoga Medial, contact us today!