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The US military is a great place to be a nurse!

There are many advantages to starting or continuing your nursing career in the military. Military standards are high so your training will be world class. You will work in a dynamic fast paced environment, where you will get exposure to a wide range of clinical skills. You will also be working with other highly skilled professions using the most advanced medical technology. In addition, you will also enjoy the personal satisfaction to of making an important to the US armed services.

It is important to note that you do not have to be in the military to get a job as a military nurse.

Contract employment with Saratoga Medical enables you to work in a military facility while being a full-time employee of Saratoga Medical. You will be working in a military facility but you will also enjoy the employment benefits provided by Saratoga Medical.

Saratoga Medical has a number of military nursing career opportunities
available around the United States.

Check our competitive benefits package

Direct Deposit

Health, Vision, and Dental

Short Term Disability Insurance and life (no cost)

Paid Sick Days

Dependent and Commuter savings plan

Entertainment and Travel Discount

Critical Illness Insurance

Military Nurse FAQ

Question: Do you have to be a member of the military to get a job as a military nurse?

Answer:  No.  Contract Employment with Saratoga Medical enables you to have an exciting career as a military nurse while being a civilian.

Question:  Can I choose the location of where I will be working?

Answer:  Yes, you can choose the location that works best for you.  Currently we have military nurse positions all across the U.S. and also in Guam.

Question:  How much does a military nurse earn?

Answer:  Pay rates vary by specialty and by location.  Our salaries are always competitive with market rates and with our attractive benefits packages, we often make offers that cannot be refused!