The July Effect: The Surprising Truth of an Old Superstition

If you’ve worked in healthcare for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard July whispered about as a time of chaos as freshly graduated doctors join the healthcare team at hospitals across the country. With no real way for patients to know if their hospital visit will be met with a seasoned doctor or one…

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Healthcare Jobs That Allow You To Work Outside of the Hospital

One of the greatest aspects of working in healthcare is the flexibility and limitless opportunities to change what you do! While most traditional healthcare jobs take place in a hospital or clinic, there are plenty of different and outside-the-box ways to use your training and skills, some of which don’t even require direct patient contact.…

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3 Ways to Market Yourself on the Job Hunt

One of the best things about working in healthcare is the massive variety of jobs available. You can work in hospitals, clinics, in the community and people’s homes, with many different patient populations, or not seeing patients at all. You can change your job completely without returning to school or earning a new degree. But…

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