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Saratoga Medical has a thirty-year record of success finding and placing quality medical personnel to the military, government and private industry.

We are known as the company that does the best job at medical placement and as a result we are constantly sought out by qualified medical employees who are seeking work.

That’s why Saratoga Medical should be your first call when you need help filling medical staffing needs. We have the most experience and that’s why you can expect the best results.

Contact us today! There is no obligation unless we fill!

Saratoga’s expert placement team will work with you to determine, the qualifications, skill set and time line for start required. We will work with you to assess your budget and then begin to search our vast databases for candidates. We will also use our custom technological platforms to ensure that we cast the widest net to find the people you need. Our digital expertise gets you more candidates quicker and our targeted approach means that more qualified candidates apply.

Our vast experience means better, faster recruitment and credentialing for you –which means less wasted time and improved productivity for you.

If you have staffing needs, you can benefit from our specialized expertise in recruitment and credentialing.














Through our credentialing process we are able to ensure the candidates for credentialing have the required prerequisites for a healthcare job. The credentialing process includes:

  • Verifying skills and eligibility
  • Verifying credentials and training
  • Verification of licenses certificates, and documentation
  • Pre-employment background check
  • And all requirement specific to individual contracts or bases

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